Stalin Defense Line

The WW2 advance over Eastern Europe, the Nazis march east in direction of the soviet states, crossing Poland and conquering Ukraine.

Built in the beginning of the 20¬†century Stalin realizes that USSR it’s endangered and make a call on re-building all the attack and protection bunkers that extends from Dnipro River in Kiev up to Minsk, just around Kiev with an extension of 85km used to be over 250 pillboxes, far from been prepared for the war and to face the new reinforced and well armored German tanks,

The fortifications had a significant impact in the fighting for the defense of the city in 1941 and the region was scenario of probably the biggest battle during the great war, resulting in a big retreat from the German side.

The tour will be presented by an experienced guide that collected photos and maps from both Soviet and German files, showing the actual places, how it was before the Nazi invasion and after the occupation. Plenty of facts to observe and details on how the soldiers and commanders were living, their communication system, attacking methods and give you a better understand of the soldier point of view.

Some of the bunkers are recovered, some abandoned and others became small museums containing original artifacts found around it’s area.

You will spend about 4 hours, usually visiting 4-7 bunkers and a memorial to the German soldiers that died in the Ukrainian territory. On the way back you can have a choice of leave the transportation at the WW2 museum (the Motherland Statue), also near Lavra Monastery (The Catacombs Cathedral).


1 Person: 130EUR
2 Persons: 85EUR/person
3 Persons: 70EUR/person
4 Persons: 60EUR/person
5 Persons: 50EUR/person
6 Persons: 45EUR/person

Includes Transportation from the hostel (or some place in Kiev center), a stop over a shop for some snacks, Water, English Speaking Guide and transportation back to Kiev (WW2 Museum, Hostel or Main Independence Square).

That tour it’s very exclusive and almost private and it’s recommended to be organized in advance. The bunkers visited changes from tour to tour, according to access availability and sometimes some new bunker become restored and organized to be visited.

Get in touch before arriving to Kiev !

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