Ukraine is getting destroyed by Putin’s forces and will be needed a lot of help to rebuild and re-organize. We don’t know yet when, but for the past years we took volunteers to help with our hostel, showing the city and leading few of our activities.

We hope that once everything is over and save, we can connect volunteers with more specialized skills to those in need. Probably construction, water safety, sustainable initiatives, agricultural and those capable of attracting funding and more professionals will be more in need.

If you feel you can help, keep that in your mind and get in touch with us, we can provide hosting, information and logistics to get to those in need.

At the moment if you want to volunteer, the needs are very limited, but if you are an Army medical able to offer trainings, it’s very welcome. If you are able to collect donations in your region and send to us, it’s also a big help. If you have conditions of donating cars, ambulances, medications, please get in touch.