Ukraine border & Coronavirus

2020 started not as cheerful as we like !

The case infections in world and Europe are exponential, making authorities take extreme measures. As Italy had a radical raise on cases, surrounding countries decided to isolate a piece of the pizza motherland, but as a side effectit  will prevent from trying other delicious things on many places !

Ukraine as one of the few friendly countries that flew a charter jet from Wuhan to Ukraine with national citizens and others from different citizenships to a well organized quarantine doesn’t want to take risk and will close all borders by midnight (00:00AM) of the March 15th 2020.

Is Ukraine spreading coronavirus?

So far doesn’t seems like. The numbers are not very high but expected to raise as many citizens traveled to Europe. Those that arrived from China are already taken care and were the easiest to control.

All the measures are for preventing a spread and support surrounding countries not to have a bigger issue, lowering the contamination rate.

What does it mean?

Land borders won’t be open for pedestrian passes. Cars and buses with Ukrainian citizens can go thru, but a medical certificate or a clinical check will be requested. Cargo trucks will be going through normally.

No foreigners can get in via any mean, unless on posses of a temporary or permanent residency card. If you are a foreigner in Ukraine right now, you might have a good trouble finding a flight out, as airports will be closed for regular flights.

You have booked a Chernobyl Tour or Hotel or any other activity in Ukraine and Kyiv and COVID gave a surprise hit ?

Most of the honest companies will offer you a re-schedule and/or a full refund. The Exclusion Zone informed us that the Reactor Nr 4 tours will be closed until the April 4th for now, while the regular groups or chernobyl private tours won’t be running until the end of the official country quarantine, what is March 29th.

Within this period and as our experience with the Influenza back in 2010, after 1 week, the president and authorities will evaluate the scale of contamination and spread to decide an extension or reduction of the the decisions.

Are you in Ukraine or Kyiv and have no idea what to do with all that time ?

Don’t be scared of bored. The best thing to do is to avoid public transportation and we always recommend it as Kyiv is a very nice place to walk.

By the way we have no bar curfew or any type of restriction for that. Supermarkets are operating and shelves doesn’t seem to be emptying.

Check our Kyiv City Guide on google maps, with bars, restaurants, landmarks and sightseeing routes. The hostel it’s partially down for that period, but we can manage to meet you ! If you have an emergency with accommodation, we are ready to help.

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