Nuclear Missile Base

In the 90’s after Soviet Union Collapse, Ukraine became the only nation to ever give up on it’s nuclear weapons, signing a treaty with USA & Russia, deactivating all nuclear silos, warheads and enrichment bases and return the remaining to Russia.

All intercontinental or long range missile launchers (trucks, trains and silos) also became deactivated and disabled, leaving only one behind… as a museum.

You will join a trip to one of the most feared bases by the American government, where launching trucks and an SS-24 launcher silo, capable of keeping 3 persons for 45 days self sustained living 45 meters underground, protected by any sort of nuclear attack. From that room they were able to start the countdown and start the apocalypse.

This is an unique museum in the world !

A full day tour (the base is located 350km from Kiev), with entrance fees, english speaking guide, lunch and transportation there and back.


1 person = $200
2 persons = $120 / person
3 persons = $100 / person
4 persons = $80 / person
5 persons = $70 / person
6 persons = $65 / person
7-10 persons = $60 / person


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