Ukraine doesn’t have much signs in latim letters or english as well,  in any case keep our contact number if you have any problem +380 93 758 7468. There is also free wi-fi at the airport, McDonalds and many places that can help your smartphone to put you on the way.


Hoholivs’ka 25 / apt.11
Гоголівська 25 квартири 11
Київ  01054

Borispol Airport

– In front of terminal (B or F) as much as in between them, you will see some buses parked, called SkyBus costs 100UAH and you should sit until the final stop, the Train Station (you can say Vokzal – ВОКЗАЛ to the driver).

– Those buses are 24 hours and run every 30 minutes

– You will arrive at the new south train station side (there is a golden domed church and a KFC on that side). You should find a way of crossing to the other side of the train station, where you will be able to see a McDonalds Restaurant, so you follow the directions from the train station, bellow.

– If you prefer a taxi, negotiate before getting in the car. We can organize pickup for 20 EUROS

Zhyliani Airport

– Kyiv changed the bus connections, now they pass near the South side of the train station. Bus nr 805

– From there or it’s final stop you would have to guide yourself from / to Univermag Ukraina

– Taxi might be the best option , would cost you around 8 EUROS. We can organize pick-up for 13 EUROS

Central Bus Station (Moskovska Ploscha)

– Take Marshutka Nr. 10 to Train Station

– Follow Directions Bellow

Train Station

– You can find 2 options of buses in front of the train station:
Nr. 7 = Has an electronic panel saying how long will take to arrive/leave
Nr. 18+7 = More often, those mini buses (marshutkas) are in the last lane of bus stops

– With those buses, pay attention once the bus make the ONLY turn to the right, just after passing by a tall monument with a star on top, in front of UKRAINA Shopping Mall.

– From that point count 3 traffic lights and ask to drop off on the next stop, it’s called Orthopedic Institute (Ortopedichny Institut in bad ukrainian)

– Walk downhill, back the same way the bus came, and on the next corner or the first traffic light for you, turn right !

– That’s our street ! Gogolivska go to the number 25, by a blue cafe-bar

– Enter the building, there are two entrance doors, the first one (wooden) if it’s closed you should press the buttons 2/4/7 at the same time, right after there is a metal door, if it’s closed press 3/8 at the same time.

– Go up to the Ap. 11

Walking from the Train Station (20 minutes)

If you like to walk from the train station, follow the almost only 3 steps from the train station:
1 – Find the round about in front of the Train Station, leave the building behind you and walk forward on the avenue Kominternu, cross a bridge and turn left on the 2nd street (Saksaganskogo, where the traffic will be flowing to the left as well).
2 – Walk till the end, where you reach a big avenue with a boulevard in the middle and you will be able to see a monument with a star on top (also Ukraina and Circus on each side of the road). Cross to the other side and keep walking, crossing the following street ( Olesia Gonchara). Now you are walking in Dmitryvska Str.
3 – After crossing Gonchara you keep walking till the next corner, where you will see kyosks selling drinks and snacks, turn right (this is Bulvarno Kudryavska) and walk up hill, turning the 2nd street to the left, Hoholivska, our street.
4 – Just to have the number 4 … we are the number 25 and it all should take you around 20 minutes.
Our door it’s a metal one with a glass window, just on the left of nr 25. You can see a nice bar just next to us. Buzz 11 at the doorphone and once you enter you will see another 2 doors, take the right one (metal) with the code 3
We are located on the 3rd floor, apartment #11, ring our doorbell !!