Chernobyl Tour Offers

Since the beginning, our hostel informs and offers the best deals for Chernobyl, searching between the many tour operators and dealing straight with the zone with our main partner Soviet Wonders.

Group Tours from 85$ when 3+ persons bookings and last minute tours from 125$

If you are a group of 5+ persons we organize a door to door service with the best guides and similar price to group tours. Looking for a tailored tour ? We can do up to 5 days tours in the zone, going deep inside.

All tours to Chernobyl starts around 8AM, covering the basic spots:

  • Pripyat Town (Amusement Park, Main Square, walk around streets with Market and important buildings and Pripyat Cafe area)
  • Kinder Garden in Kopachi Village and Summer Camp
  • Chernobyl Industrial Zone (View from the New Roof Covering the Reactor Nr.4, drive along the cooling channel and the ruins of the Unfinished Cooling Tower of Reactors 5 & 6, Bridge with Giant Catfishes)
  • Duga 2, The Russian Woodpecker, the top secret Radar Antenna Station from Soviet Union and it’s administrative and village buildings
  • Drive Thru the villages with abandoned houses in the outskirts of the Exclusion Zone
  • All tours include Food at the Zone at the workers restaurant
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Transportation there and back
  • Obligatory Insurance
  • Registration and Permits

Chernobyl Group Tours runs almost everyday, with prices between $85USD and $150USD, depending on the day of the week and how much in advance you reserved. Groups between 8-30 people, starting at an agreed Meeting Point, in city center.

When you choose a Two Days Tour, your 1st day is longer, since you don’t have to return before the closing of the 1st gate (5PM), giving you more time to explore other buildings in Pripyat such as Hospital, Music School, Cafe/Restaurant, Super Market, more buildings around Duga, Unfinished Cooling Tower, Fish Farm Lab and Reactor Nr 6 area. The Tour Includes Accommodation at the zone (simple but decent), 2 Lunch, 1 Breakfast, Transportation and Guide. You will return next day around 6-7PM. This kind of tour runs on special dates and should be inquired within 7-15 days in advance.

2 Days Chernobyl tour costs between $230USD and $495USD, depending on the amount of people we get for the tour.

You can also Take a Special Tour to Chernobyl, where you can see in 1 day, the same as a regular tour, with extended 1 hour and visit other places like the Hospital, Cafe, Unfinished Cooling Tower and other spots. It’s a special tour like Private or Small Groups formed by hostel or the agent, with a maximum of 6 persons per car. You will return a bit later than a regular tour, around 7PM.


Special 1 Day Tour costs between $275USD and $125USD, depending on the amount of people. We need at least 8 days in advance to register it ! Also you will be picked up at the hostel. A Private Tour , Small Group or with your group of friends.

Get in touch ( for more details if you are interested. We can organize deals with accommodation included ! and check Soviet Wonders website !


You can do up to 5 days tours in Chernobyl !