STARTING 15TH OF JUNE 2018 (Maybe earlier if you all drunk souls beg us)

You want to see Kyiv, you got 2 or 3 days but haven’t noticed that between each landmark you will walk about 15 minutes !?

Right ! The Ukrainian capital is big, I mean, it’s almost like London, bigger than Berlin, however with a soviet infra-structure and long, huge blocks. Damn, will be tiring to walk that town.

But you are at the right place ! We know all passages, parks and specially open bars to make your walk much more pleasant, tell much less history but make sure you tell everyone back home you saw everything, more than any printed guide or online review can show you.

Google Trips ? Come on, they still learning ! Doesn’t work here !

From JUNE 15Th, we start officially the Beer Walking Tours. With a minimum of 5 persons per group, we present you the essential Kyiv !

  • 1 PM – Meeting Point at a bar easy to reach at Upper Town (Yes, bar, it’s a Beer Walking Tour)
  • Walk thru Viewpoints and a bit of fantasy history
  • Upper Town Sightseeing
  • 1:40 PM – A stop to get some beer to go and walk to visit nice Soviet Buildings
  • Funicular Area, Churches, Opera & more
  • 3-3:30PM – 3rd (or more) beer
  • Independence Square Area
  • Beer to go, to stay, to trash

We will tell facts, a bit of history and present you nice landscapes of the city. Also the bar/beer stops are places we like, not that we do have a deal only, but for the past 10 years we know enough how to get quickly a cold beer and skip the cops… yes, you can’t drink on the streets !

We need at least 5 persons to run it, so please get in touch over e-mail so we send which bar/corner would be the meeting point. You can also come to the hostel that starts 30 minutes earlier to check another 2 places (Cathedral + Beer Spot).

The cost to join our Beer Walking Tour is 15EUR, it includes 3 CRAFT BEERS that we guarantee will convince you to explore more similar Kiev bars, not those with fabricated stars online.

  • How Long: 3-4 hours Walking
  • Price: 15 EUR
  • What you see: 12 Landmarks (including metro)
  • What you drink: 4 bars (3 craft beers included)