Shooting Range

We take you to try different guns in a professional shooting range near Kyiv.

There you can try legendary soviet guns like the AKSU, AK-74, SVD Dragunov, SKS, Makarov, Glock, HK and Shotguns, but also other modern rifles and shotguns.


– Extra 10 shots: €15
– Extra Full Magazine AK47: €40

Choose one of the following 2 options:

*prices per person and with our hostel discount. Groups of 3+ persons have a much better deal !

We can also arrange tank driving ! Drive and APC armored vechicle with your friends ! Combining both activities offers a great price deal and we include food and drinks !

The tour includes:

  • Instructor
  • Transportation (located about 50km from Kiev)
  • Targets to show back home how well you shoot !
  • Weapons rental
  • Bullets
  • Usually you will be leaving the hostel around 11AM and will spend about 3 hours away, still been possible to visit other parts of the city. The tour can end in the WW2 Museum or at Hydropark for those that want to relax.

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